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The Wes Anderson Gift Guide for 2019

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Way back in Ye Olde Yesteryear of... like two years ago, I didn't have a site, I had a Wordpress blog. On that Wordpress blog, the very first gift guide I ever wrote was a Wes Anderson-themed gift guide. Not for fanart or official Wes Anderson books, but for things that captured the very specific Wes Anderson aesthetic. It was a real work of art with different guides for different movies and I, a dummy, deleted it. (Or as close to deleting anything as you can when it's on the internet, which is to say I've made it prohibitively hard for me or anyone else to find.)

Anyway, because it is the high holy days of capitalism, and because on the high holy days of capitalism you encourage the buying of stuff that you can justify as "being for other people", here is a gift guide for anyone who wants everything in their life the perfect level of aesthetically pleasing twee that Wes Anderson is so well known for.

Also, if you're not a fan of affiliate links, don't worry, I'm not making any money on this. What do I look like, here, a professional who knows how to set that sort of thing up?

3. City Backpack from Herschel Supply Co.

4. Strom Large Jug from Raawii

5. Miami Box from Jonathan Adler for Amazon (also has a matching trinket tray)

8. Pull and Go Bath Toy from the MoMA Store (essentially everything in this store is borderline to extremely Wes Anderson, but I like this Steve Zissou monkey best)

9. Throw Pillow from Target

10. Bill Cunningham On The Street: Five Decades of Iconic Photography (Editors' Note: if you purchase this for no other reason, please know that the cover of this book is extremely nice and when I checked it in at work I spent a full five minutes just petting it.)

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