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NOTE: All the writing in my portfolio has been published by people and companies other than myself. To see my self-published writing, please go to the "Blog" section of this site.

The Case for Keeping Marc-Andre Fleury

Published January 26, 2017 on SBNation

If The Penguins Settled Catan

Published December 17, 2015 on SBNation

So You Want To Go To A Boston Pride Game: Eight Things You Should Know

Published December 1, 2015 on SBNation

She & Him Volume 3 has lots to love, but nothing new

Published April 3, 2013 on CliqueClack

HBO's Game Change is non-partisan (and other uncomfortable realities)

Published March 17, 2012 on CliqueClack

Not hating Zooey Deschenel (and other feminist concerns)

Published February 3, 2012 on CliqueClack

The Sad Bastards Club

Published July 13, 2011 on CliqueClack

You're Cut Off, the ultimate schadenfreude

Published June 11, 2010 on CliqueClack

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